Real Time for crafting and building

It shouldnt take 8 minutes for iron ore to ingot.

It shouldnt take 1 hour or 4 hours to build some of the building.

Waiting real time for these stuff sucks and ruins the flow of the game, it serves no purpose other than artificially making the game longer.
Should be couple seconds or none at all.


I 100% agree with this. In Ori 2, the town upgrades with the ore were instant and just involved a small cutscene. Having players wait for things serves no real purpose. Palia is another game that has real time waiting for things to craft and build, and literally caused me to quit playing it.

Players like to feel in control of the pacing of a game, and feel like their time is respected. Time gating stuff is bad.


Having hour-long wait times on city upgrades and 30min of wait time to smelt materials is neither fun, rewarding nor good design for a singleplayer game in my honest opinion.
Every time I see a new timer I roll my eyes, and my motivation to play drops a notch.


Yep, timers do have little to none sense for single player game. It’s not a base building game like V Rising, there is no other players to compete who would build faster.
So far as I know, multiplayer features are limited to story co-op and pvp arena, so town upgrades being block behind the timer is an odd design. While materials can be timed, they should not take much time, it was easier to buy ingots from smithy rathe than smelt them in furnace.


Biiiiiig yes on removing timers this is not a damn f2p mobile game so please for the love of god dont add stupid mobile game mechanics why do i bother gathering if i then cant play the game for x amount of time because i have to “wait” for a arbitrary times that has no right to even be in such a game

I understand that its early access and MAYBE JUST MAYBE the timer are currently in the game to somehow pace players in its current state of development so dont just rush everything but think “okey now i have 30min to kill what else could i do”

Also daily quests its okey to have them in but give a something to do once i complete them like hunting board that reset to “random” hunts once you cleared them all etc. having only so many hunts a day in a SINGLE PLAYER game just doesn’t feel great its not a mmo at best it will be a “COOP” like experience alla Diablo or similar games and they also dont have features that let you wait for no reason its “log in” do what you want/need log out whe you feel lime you are done not when the game says sorry nothing more to find here for 2h

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Totally agree on the waiting real time should be reduced or removed for building and crafting materials.

Funny thing is that you can actually buy the ingots and cloths from respective vendors, while leather vendor only sells the raw material. Not sure if this is intended…


I agree that hours are too long. But what about animating the process where when you finish contributing the items and confirm it, it takes place almost instantly when you go to the place which you upgraded, talk to the NPC, then a cutscene plays where it gets built in timelapse. This way, we see whats changed and adds to the flavor and immersion. That would be awesome right??

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