Feedback And Suggestions I came up with after 25 hours of gameplay!

I am just gonna list everything I had a major problem with or wishes was in the game and then offer a sugegstion whih would fix it in a way I think majority of people would like the changes

  • Getting clay to upgrade city is unfun experience. I dont think there should ever be a gameloop where u need to spam make realms to upgrade buildings in your original realm. Would be best if you add it to the shop. I have heard silver has similair issues, but I need to see how bad is it after my smeltery upgrades, for which I need to wait 2 more hours.
  • Which brings me to the next point. waiting for buildings and ores to finish building and smelting can be interesting when first encountered, but it becomes a huge chore pretty fast. I want to play the game, not wait for 3 hours to be able to play the game. To still keep the system I would suggest altering it in a way where time measured is based of ingame time over reallife time. If I counted correcly 24h in game would be 3.2 hours irl. Meaning that you would need 22.5h to complete a 3h build. I want tiem to still tick even if I dont paly as it does now. But what changes then? To achieve the change you would have to alter how bed works as well a bit. Idk how exactly rested bonus works right now, but heres my suggestion with the system that would kind of solve this issue. iIk its pretty huge change, but I think everyone wouldbenefit from it. If everyone in realm is asleep for 8s make everyone fall aslep for x hours and times move forwards. With time moving forward, all smelting and building should get cut in time for the amount you have slept for. Every player in the realm gets a rested bonus depending on hours they selpt. you can sleep only once per day. everyone is asleep for duration depending on the player whos sleep duration is the lowest. This system would also allow to add 2 more paramentars to upgrade system with boss’s blood, increased effect of rested status after sleep, and sleep duration which should scale duration of rested hours.
  • Let us fast travel to all whispers from any whisper, or even from any place on the map. You can make that an option to upgrade with boss’s blood to add spice to it or with story itself. Otherwise game loop is: jump off the ledge, teleport to city. thats just not a good loop.
  • Interacting with whispers should full heal you. It makes no difference at all after first boss to anybody ever, but it would help new players who are new to soulslike genre. Theres no point of turning new players away.
  • Inventory and stash space is a mess, Idk what u can do about it, but its a mess, you have to figure soemthing out to fix it. There are to many item types and there is no way to understand what weapon upgrade materials you won’t ever need to upgarde certain weapon types so you gotta pick and store them all. I would suggest adding item filter for this purposes, it would be of great help. I dont wanna be seeing or picking up apples either.
  • When deleting a realm, please make us write realm’s name or word delete where realm’s name is written in highlithed way before we delete it. In case gameloops like clay one arise again, U dont want people to accidently delete their main realm while looking for smth in new realms.
  • Let us respawn bosses. I wanna farm them. Once full game releases I will have more things to say/add about this topic.
  • Gathering animations needs to be faster. Nothing much to add there.
  • Precise interacting with items, npcs, chests and teleports is very annoying and should be changed. Give me more room for my positioning while interacting with stuff.
  • Depth can be a huge issue. I have seen others complaing about camera during those platforming cases, but I dont think you can do much about camera in most of situations, so I would suggest adding small markers on ground from area you want us to jump from to reach next platform as its impossible to judge it. If you can do something about camera in all of them, that would be a better solution, but if you cannot, you have thins option to go with.
  • I played with keybord and mouse, so this is my feedback for controls. having dodge and jump bind on the same button is terrible. I would rather have dodge and sprint on my spacebar, while my jump is on shift.
  • When trying to give soemthing to npc, instead of making me run back to chest, just consider chests part of my inventory for those specific actions.

Overall, game is super fun, you have a great product. I will probably farm shitton during the weekend and maybe monday and then drop the game until next bigger update.