Too easy bosses, too hard mobs and the equipment issue

Ok, It’s about the broadly understood level of combat difficulty. To be as much precise and direct as I can:

Bosses feels like sponges, they have WAY too much HP compared to the damage they deal. And they movement is really easy to predict and/or learn. Without elaborating too much, I would suggest reducing their HP by 1/4, and increasing their damage x2, maybe even x3.

The thing about mobs: they’re good. There is no doubt here. BUT, especially when there are more than 1-2 of them, they are too good, they set the bar a little too high, especially compared to the difficulty level of the bosses. I can honestly say that the fight against three mobs was MUCH more problematic than the first boss, and I don’t think that’s the point.

Equipment: it’s a simple matter here, repairing equipment is simply poor mechanics. It does not increase the difficulty level, it only artificially extends the gameplay time. Lame.

If anyone wants, I’m more than glad to discuss


Totally disagree.
I beat all normal mobs without problems. Bosses I struggle to beat them for 1-2 hours…
You can say whatever you want, but this is my experience.

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Then it seems that we have completly different experience

In my playtrough first three bosses were defeated on the first try, without major problem. Their movement was, well, tlegraphic. Last one died on third try, solely because of those permanent stains left on ground that deal relatively big damage when you walk on them

The best solution in this situation would probably be to provide sliders similar to those in “V Rising”, everyone could simply adjust the DMG they deal/receive, the HP of bosses, DMG dealt by enemies, etc. to their own needs

I’m not sure I agree, but I would say that Heavy Armor makes you a damage sponge, which means that the bosses do relatively little damage…

I don’t think the bosses are in such a bad place. They do a fair amount of damage if you have weak armor, and if you’ve prioritized equip load and heavy armor, they do less- with appropriately upgraded weapons, I haven’t found them spongy at all.

With un-upgraded weapons, they would be very spongy.

I have rarely needed to fight more than 2 mobs at a time unless I’m recklessly aggro-ing multiple enemies. 2 Mobs is typically fun- I just need to prioritize who I’m taking out first, and not rush-in headfirst.

Regarding equipment damage - I know nobody likes it, but I think it fits:

This is what we have in lieu of a more serious death penalty. You don’t lose large amounts of money, or your XP (a few item mods excepted). If you die a couple times, you need to make a town run. I think it fits- this isn’t a full-on Souls difficulty game - the mobs don’t respawn every time you die. The trade-off is equipment maintenance. You also have to watch your tools.

I feel like it fits the world of the game nicely. Making everything ‘perfect QOL’ is not, in my opinion, the right fit for this game. It’s an RPG with some immersion aspects- and they certainly haven’t made it needlessly painful.