TLDR feedback on positives and negatives

Great game, few things are stinkers.


  • Good difficulty prior crucible
  • I love how fast travel works
  • Graphics/art is amazing
  • Food/consumable system
  • Pretty well balanced weapons
  • Interesting itemization
  • ARPG aspects ( food/mats farming etc )
  • Crucible performance
  • Boss fights


  • Housing is terrible
    ( Give us free placement options, possibility to snap items in place, some of the apartment layouts are horrible )
  • Some crucible arenas are terrific
    ( for example circular arena where witch is in the middle )
  • Some crucible rng elements that involve mob groupings
    ( sometimes you get like 6 big dudes next to each other making fight impossible/horrible experience )
  • Something wrong with crucible loot?
    ( I feel like it is impossible to find certain items [dex+int items, dex items, dual daggers!!! and katanas]. could add “target farming” option for like 2x loot for desired attribute? )
  • Mob skill tracking
    ( some mobs have insane tracking )
  • Mob parry with dual wield weps
    ( If you have dual hitting weapons, almost every time first dagger hits and second is parryed )
  • Mob block with dual wield weps
    ( first one hits, second is auto blocked )
  • Half screen grabs
    ( sometimes you get grabbed even not in range )
  • Clay?
    ( first i did not find any and now that i find it is scarce. )
  • Farming other than crucible feels obsolete

Overall i love this game but some of these things are bugging me. Thanks for the great game. If someone needs more info i can write wall of text.