Tip for better understanding of weapon upgrading

hey when I improve a weapon or want to enchant it, it is not specified how much the weapon improves or how it is enchanted (maybe it can be activated in some way that I am not seeing), in the future it would be nice to be able to see all this, so that I can decide what to enhance and don’t go in blind

I agree on upgrading weapons part.
But enchantments are hidden for a reason. Not only it’s random, it also adds debuffs to purple items, which are meant to be better than blue ones at the cost of that debuff. Making the game show you what the enchantment will be would take away the risk.

I also agree on the weapon part, but not on the enchantment part.

However I’d like the opposite to also be a thing, where you can see the base-stats of the weapon/armour after you’ve upgraded it so you can see if another weapon/armour is actually better or will be better once it’s upgraded, currently you need to memorize what things started at or waste resources upgrading them.

ah okay if this is the mechanic for enchantments I agree that it should remain hidden. I still don’t have enough hours to have seen all the mechanics, anyway thanks for the clarification

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