The mysterious ladder

I have a question. How do you kick down the ladder right before the Warrick bossfight? It’s driving me nuts!
(It’s to the left of the entrance)


This. Please share - I have found myself just standing in front of it, angrily wishing I could magically divine how to find a way up. It’s triggering my OCD so hard. XD

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Same. I never figured out how to unlock it. Maybe this is not accessible at all? Just there as decoration. xD

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I feel you get to the area at the top of the ladder via a route from another more western secret exit out of Sacrament somehow, maybe after building something. That’s my guess. :person_shrugging:t2:

If you goto the upper most (highest) point just north of this, you can see a campfire on the top of a tower with another drop down ladder that appears inaccessible. It may be related to the one you are describing in front of the 1st boss area. Seems that more northern point is technically part of Sacrament but I have found no connection when exploring the western side of the city.

From city gate you go west and go up the city wall then climb to the left roof there a vine that you can climb here it not so obvious so try looking for it


I need to know this too.

there is no way. i have tried everything.

This is how, i confirm it.

OP is asking about other ladder.

you can get to that whole area beyond the city wall, yes
but that particular ladder is not accessible. there an unpassable mess of plants and wall between where you can get and that ladder.

you would have to get through that in order to reach the ladder

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I’ve been up there when the DEV-teleport wasn’t fixed. There’s no way to get to that area (yet) as everything but the massive structure is unfinished. I was able to walk a fair bit in the air slightly above the surrounding terrain, but at certain points the character will just fall through the map.

That ladder is kickable though. Also there’s absolutely nothing up there.


I think the way to get to this ladder is to wait for EA to finish. :smiley: