Kickdown ladders and bridges in second area unavailable

In the second area, I found so far 1 ladder and 2 bridges that after countless hours I just can’t find where to access them from the other side. Is it just safe to assume that some of these areas just aren’t accessible at the current time? I really feel like I did explore every single corner of the map.

Side note : I think there’s also a ladder close to sacrament that I can’t seem to find where to go to access it.

Also, Sacrament graveyard key, unavailable at the moment or I clearly need to look harder? D:

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Generally you need to look harder.

All the shortcut ladders I found till “finishing” the game are reachable. Some are more tricky then others, but is part of the exploration - you need to think more about verticality with this game.

And yes, the key is another castle.


Got it, yeah there’s 1 ladder right before the first boss that I just can’t find how to get it down, it seems to be coming from a map we don’t have access to yet.

And in the second area, there’s a bridge right of the big elevator and one north of there, both top of the mountain, and a ladder next to a waterfall leading north where it looks like a whole area I just can’t find XD

and the graveyard key, I gave up looking XD

a large elevator not only takes you to the top :slight_smile:

I believe all of these areas are actually unreachable for now. Those were the only two I couldn’t reach, as well as the ladder at the very top of the forest area that looks like it plugs into a turret of Sacrament with a fire stove. Actually maybe that one is reachable I kinda forgot to poke around in Sacrament.

Yeah I can confirm that the 2 ladders, and bridges, and graveyard key all leads to area that are just unavailable/unfinished at the moment. I ended up looking for those for WAY too long XD.

I like exploration, what can I say.

Yeah, also found a ladder and a bridge that I can’t find how to get to. All in the last zone.



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this section is made unavailable for now. i reached this section of the map by accident. it isn’t done yet. if you want to reach it, got to the whisper before the madrigal meeting location, then go east to the wooden bridge that leads back to the prison. that bridge has a small gap. you can fall there onto the plank below that is hold by ropes. then from there recover your health and jump to the south east ledge, from there two jumps to the west and you’re at the forbidden location. further west is the ladder from your screenshot :wink:

there isn’t too much interesting stuff there, just another couple of trees a dirt mould and some chest spots… with a bunch of enemies

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