Target lock is not good in its current state

I’ve just switched my target 3 times and it immediately switched me back to the opponent that was targeted before. Please don’t.

Auto lock on should be a thing until I switch my target manually or after my current target dies. Why does it automatically lock onto the opponent who just got aggro’ed? That makes sense when my combat state switches from false to true, but not when I’m already in a fight.

Target switching also gets really frustrating when I’m amidst two melees trying to bash my skull in and it targets the caster who is out of range across the room.

Another thing is that when you’re like auto locking the character sometimes lock on environments (breakable stuff) instead of enemies. Probably should never softlock (or w/e it’s called) on environmental stuff imo.

I’ve read this a couple times now, they really need to check whether the player is in combat and differ.