Suggestion - Warp to Any Whisper in Memory

I’m finding it getting quite tedious to explore because quests are sending me in various different directions and I’m experiencing a ton of backtracking, especially if questing quickly. Could we retain the ability to warp to any whisper we still have in “memory” (haven’t “forgotten” that part of the map yet?)


Making all whispers warpable would be a MAJOR QoL feature and I really hope they add it. Alongside whispers heling you

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Whispers should heal, or have some function. It doesn’t even seem like they save the game. I always go to them to save and then when I come back to the game I spawn wherever I was like 30 minutes before

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I played the whole first day with the option to teleport to whispers on a whim and I didn’t feel that it detracted from the game at all. Nothing made me feel this was too advantageous or it saved too much time. It felt correct and I miss it!