Suggestion for Enhancing Stat Allocation Flexibility

One of the great features of this game is the variety of weapons available, each with unique requirements and strengths. However, the current system, where stat points allocated to abilities like strength, dexterity, or intelligence are permanent once used, restricts the ability to fully explore and utilize these different weapons effectively. This permanence can discourage experimentation with different builds and weapon types, potentially limiting player engagement and enjoyment.

To enhance player experience and flexibility, I suggest implementing a mechanism to reset stat points, and it should not be limited.


I cosign this x9,999,999.


you could have just said you want respeccing i took me awhile to realise what you wanted.


I might be in the minority, but I feel like there needs to be a decent cost that comes with respeccing, like a couple plague ichor bottles or something. Just so you still have to think a bit more about how to spend your points.

Definitely agree though, I feel like adding a respec feature is a must have.


i doubt anyone will really complain about it costing silver or whatever, they just want A way to reset stats


I agree with that it should have a decent cost (plague ichhor is a good suggestion, or maybe money), but I just don’t want it to be limited to a certain numbers of reset.


Having a cost in a few coins wouldn’t be a problem but a limited item or one that is hard to get would make me not want to spent it. I recently played Armored Core 6 and I like the way I can just change the entire build with basically no limitation, it made me try every item available. In Elden ring and Dark Souls 3 , respec costing an specific item on top of the fact that I have to upgrade the weapons for them to be viable made me not try most of them out, it’s basically punishing the player for trying out stuff, I don’t want to have to farm just to see the move set of a different weapon and then if I not enjoy it just to have to spent again to change it back.

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Love the plague ichor respec idea! I want to keep my money for rolling on enchants. :slight_smile:


If it’s to have a item to do this, I would rather it be other, than the one we use for permanent upgrades, cause then I would have to choose get more power or be able to change build, or even just a minor status re-spec, like just changing 3 points over to something else.