Need ability point reset function

I want to reset my stats and try more weapons instead of having to replay a new character.


Yes, this is sorely needed. I don’t know whether they’ll add it in later content, but I feel it should be part of “early act 1”.

Same thing with D2 Akara giving this option straight after the first quest (Den of Evil).
I’d prefer it if the stat reset option was available in an unlimited fashion (as many times as you want), but perhaps with a small cost such as 1 silver (same as enchanting).

That way, when you enchant a weapon and roll something fantastic, you can double your spend to subsequently equip the weapon.


I see (on discord) that the CEO has said they will add respec, so it should be in the making. He also said “it won’t be cheap to do”, so let’s see about the investment they think is right for this

I think it might have something to do with the yet-to-open areas of sacrament (you can access by some map glitches). I guess the church is where players respec ability points and maybe it will be available after they complete the area.

i thought using an ichor for respecc would be a nice placeholder until what they actually have in mind gets introduced

Upvoting this feature, we definitely need an option to reset stats and allow to test different builds without having to play an entire new character. Pre-defined builds would be nice too (e.g. 3 layouts A, B, C so you could have mage, warrior, assassin, etc)