Suggestion: Elemental Reactions

I’ve been thinking it could be a nice addition to the game to have unique interactions between elements leading to additional statuses/etc.

Just a thought, and not a complete one at that because I would like for non-focus and rune builds to both have a home. I’m hopeful access to enchanted weapons would leave the door open for both build types but who knows.

Anyone else interested in something like this fitting into the games combat?

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Im a fan of some good ol genshin style elemental reactions im just not sure how it would work beyond what they have allready. If your on fire water will put you out, if your wet you leave footprints so im sure they have something brewing in tne background it would give another reason to run multiple types of elements if you could react them.
I dont see it as a must have but a fun idea to play around with for sure.

Yeah, definitely. Honestly with PoE2 including reactions this time around I was like… Wait maybe we could have that here? Definitely a low on the list add if ever but thought it could be cool

I do wish more games had some. I don’t think every element duo needs an interaction but even just Fire vs. Cold can be a fun interaction to include.