Strange difficulty curve after defeating two bosses

Having started playing, I saw that all the equipment was too heavy for my character, and of course the first thing I decided to do was upgrade the carrying capacity.
Imagine my surprise that after completing all the bosses at level 16, I still cannot equip a single golden weapon (my level is 18).
I upgraded my characteristics so that I could wear medium armor and not be overloaded. As a result, I wear medium armor, carry a shield and a large pickaxe, and I killed all the bosses with them, but now I die from a rotten dog in one hit?
The difficulty of normal mobs increases after killing all the bosses to the point where they kill in one hit.
It turns out that I’m stuck in a loop in which I either have to suffer, poking the next overpowered enemy with a toothpick in order to grind for a level, or just go into the game and get resources for houses, while avoiding battle.

Start new realm with the character, grind upgrade materials and go back to original realm?

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Did you upgrade your weapons?

It happened to me on my third character. I did a STR+FAITH dude with a one hanged hammer, then I tried out a mage. No problems here so far. Then I tried to make a pure STR build and it worked very nice. The problem is that it worked so well that I got to the sewers at level 5 after easily defeating the bosses with almost flawless victory. Now each of the guys in the sewers are a boss for me.

The solution is usually to create another realm, just to farm a few more levels and then go back to the other one.
Another solution would be to level multiple characters at the same time and don’t progress the story until all of your characters are ready.

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Thanks for the answer, I didn’t know that creating a parallel character affects another character
maybe I missed an explanation of this mechanic somewhere
I thought that when you create a second character, you just start a new game unrelated to the first character
Thank you!

How will this help level up your first character?

yep, once I upgraded my weapon at the blacksmith

Create another realm from realms. Not new characher. You can start the game from the beginning with the first character.

Edit: And after leveling you can go back to your original realm.

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You can have multiple characters, then you can have multiple realms. in your situation you have only one character but your realm is a bit too tough. The solution is to go to realms, create a new realm and you start over. Skip the intro maybe and you end up on the beach, the same level and equipment that you already have, with weaker enemies that you can fight in order to level up a bit and gather more resources, food etc. When you feel ready, you can just change the realm to the first one with the same character.

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Now it’s clear, thanks
Is this method the only and official thought-out game chain?
sounds like a crutch used to prop up a broken balance
Nowhere did it even explain that if my character is stuck in such situation I need to create a new realm or did I miss something?


It does noit explain it but it’s how it’s meant to be I guess.
You can also use this methid later if you want to farm an area for some materials that you mostly find there or “dailies”. You can move from one realm to the other and complete dailies on all realms. It sort of defeats the purpose of having “dailies” completely if you can just do them as many times as you want. I just saw that you can create more realms and wanted to test what is possible. I have 3 characters and one main realm. In order to level up characters I create new realms. When I finish the story and get to the end game I move to the “main” realm with all the character. I only upgrade the city in the “main” realm.

it’s kinda multiverse ?

Tediumverse :smiley: Enshrouded has something similar too. If you want to try different things in different worlds probably or if you want to redo stuff that you already did once. It’s a nice “patch” for some of the gaps in the design I think.

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It’s because if you put all your points into equip load, you still only have like 50 health and that’s not a lot. I found survival much easier after having over 200.

Your best bet is to increase health pool initially because you probably want to survive more than one attack without dying. Equip load isn’t really that important initially because you’ll survive easier with light armor and higher health than low health with higher armor.

Also, you get the benefit of fast dodge with light armor which should help you avoid damage easier.

it all depends on the playing style,
your playing style is not the only correct and convenient one
and it seems wrong to me that under certain conditions your character becomes unplayable.
looks like the game isn’t balanced properly