World difficulty increase

I don’t think I understand how the world diffuculty works and the game does not explain it either. Right now my charachter is lvl 16, I wear T1 armor which I never upgraded and T2 sword which I upgraded a little bit, yet my enemies went up to T3.

It makes for a rough experience since I die from a few hits from basic enemies. Also T3 armor I see at the vendor requires lvl 21 mostly.

What triggered that change? Questline proggress? Town upgrades?

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I thought I was crazy! Same thing happened to me - I think it might be based on story progression/vendor upgrades.

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same thing here… I finished the game at level 16 as well, all gear T1… now I’m stuck, because everywhere the monsters are level 21, the gear is level 21 required, so it’s quite impossible to progress… and that’s it… stills, I’m trying to farm those 5 levels, but I think I will take 3 years to accomplish it in the current pace…

I have a realm locked at Tier 2 that I am farming for days for certain gear.

From my experience it is related to a Boss death and and Story progress.

T2 gear starts dropping more frequently when (small spoiler):

  • The sewers are unlocked, some T2 gear starts dropping.
  • When you kill Falstead in the sewers, in my experience T2 gear drops more frequently. Would need confirmation on this.
  • T3 starts dropping when you advance the story/boss kill past this point I imagine.

Im farming this realm with a lvl 26 character. T3 gear does not drop.

Again, this is my experience and thus normative data, the lowest form of data. But it seems to be true, hope this helps!

I just started doing this today - plan is to have 1 of each tier realm.

Very frustrating when this happened to my level 16 character. I think the best solution might be one of those “warning: once you go through here, enemies get stronger” messages, with obviously better wording. With how awesome a job the devs did on this game, I am sure that they could think of a way to make it flow into the game better than a pop-up on the screen, though.

It could be as simple as level gating the quests. Don’t give the Madrigal Quest until you have completed Of Rats and Ruin? I completed the game at level 18 and haven’t had any issues, although the fights have become harder. I also had fully upgraded my gear.

@Inspades You said

“I wear T1 armor which I never upgraded and T2 sword which I upgraded a little bit”

The solution is go upgrade and then you will do more damage and take less. This game moves at a story pace not individual player quality/level in my experience.

It’s Level i am pretty sure. After Level 30 the difficulty changed to deadly on a new character on my high end realm

If you make a new character and start them on a leveled realm you enter the realm at level 1 and the story has progressed on that realm to a higher level. If you put that same character, new or leveled, on a new realm the opening area is moderate for the new character and safe for the leveled character.

Each realm is story progression locked and the level of the realm is tied to story progress not the individual level of the player.

Regardless, having a better understanding of this would be helpful.

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Like I said. After reaching level 30, on a level 1 character the shore was deadly, before it was only dangerous.

Hmm. But only when reaching 30? I wonder. I will see if my level one enters and has it Dangerous or Deadly on my realm with a level 22 full story progression.

That was where I saw it. Maybe I didn’t look for so long that the finishing of the Crucible pushed it to deadly.

Ah, finishing the crucible might be the trigger making it story progression.