Do enemies scale with player level/progress?

TLDR: My suggestion is that enemies SHOULD NOT get more difficult as the player gets stronger. The enemies difficulty SHOULD be tied to the zone they are in.

I bought the game today. After making my way off the beach, I hit the town and got a few quests. Going back to the beach I see multiple different enemy types that are much more difficult than before. My assumption was that I would be able to re visit this zone and farm some basic resources now that I have the armour and weapons necessary to deal with the threats there, but I was severely wrong. Getting a few pieces of pine wood was an hour long fight for my life.

In a souls like / ARPG / RPG, it can be very satisfying to re visit parts of the game that once gave you trouble, and then blast through them with the gear and experience that you have gained. This can also provide a player with a sense of comfort when they know “I can always go back to the beach and farm up some basic materials to sell if I need to”.

I am currently giving this the benefit of the doubt. Maybe the first zones in the game get rebalanced once you complete them, and they never scale again after this. If that is the case, then I think that this is in a fine state.

The rest of the game is gorgeous, the controls are great, and it’s a lot of fun. I think that this game has the potential to be a masterpiece.