Story foreshadowing?

Spoilers obviously…

The NPC we spring from jail who gets put in the labor camp following the end of the current main story missions… I went back just exploring the area and had a chat with him and one of his voice lines stuck with me, I’m paraphrasing here but the last line was “but not in this world” I can’t put my finger on the entire quote but he was saying we might could get along but not in this world…

Now I might just be connecting dots that don’t exist but interesting the discord is set up as cerim and risen… I’ve been thinking about how relms fall into the games play and possibly story and went… Huh… wait could the games story take a pick your own adventure route where were a goodie/baddie?

Have I missed some press release on the story, anyone else catch this, or am more than likely just :bat: :poop:?

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It’s similar to the idea of nemeses when they say things along the lines of, “we could have been friends in another life.” I don’t think it’s meant to be deeper than that.

That’s what I was thinking originally but I can’t figure where do realms play into everything?

No worries we’ll find out one way or another down the line

Yeah no deeper meaning in that i guess, only thing i can make some conjecture now is the other towns we might find in the full release, like Tir and Havensport.
The rat guy is a minor bandit, his story should end in that quarry anyway. Those religious fanatics are problably gonna kill everyone once they dont need the workers anymore.

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