NPC interactions / side quests

there’s 2 times in my playthrough i thought i had found some “hidden” quest or interaction with npc, turns out i didn’t.

1st. there’s a guy, singing in town, when u talk to him again his lil show, he asks you why it didnt make u laugh, so i thought playing the laughing emote will let me get into another of his speech line or get anything. but it didnt … ;(

2nd. I went back multiple time to that girl waiting in jail, and one of her line was asking us to tell the blacksmith apprentice to not worry about her, so i went to the kid and… unfortunately not a side quest or anything like that …

I really feel like the game atm need more hidden stuffs to push me explore and discover more of the lore, more hidden paths, tricky places to reach, journal report to gather etc, would be dope !

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