Steam Deck, and impressions

It looks like others have already reported on the crash issue on the Steam Deck so I won’t dwell on it too much. I do want to say that besides a crash here and there (which I expect in early access) I feel like it runs pretty well! I have been playing nearly entirely on Steam Deck and am looking foreword to those kinks being worked out in the future.

(A quick edit: I want to add that I have also been experiencing healing items not working on first press since the patch drop)

Regarding other aspects of the game I wanted to list some good and bad things I have noticed now that I have some time under my belt and we are a couple of patches in.

Bad -

  • Performance is still not the best. Even though I already voted on the poll I wanted to reiterate that I think this should be top priority at least for a little bit.
  • The inability to re-enchant. This may just be a me problem, but I ended up with a bunch of purples that all reduced my healing ability. It just sucks so much for a build I otherwise love. I think a steep re-enchant cost could be implemented to let you reroll. Its up to the RNG gods to decide but maybe things will be better? I would be ok if it was hella expensive to make you really have to choose if you want to reroll or just deal.
  • Remapping rune buttons but I feel this is included int he greater “button remapping” conversation. I’m left-handed and dyslexic so button remapping is like a must for me in a lot of situations and always appreciate it when it’s around.
  • Rename armor to light, med, heavy. I just think it would make quick decisions easier. Also item comparisons (think WOW, Diablo, FF14, etc.) when you can compare at a glance.


  • Running doesn’t cost Stamina (or if it does I have not noticed). This is a blessing.
  • NPCs and general world. Its fun and a little quirky and I like it. Everyone has a personality even if hating me is their personality. I like it.
  • “Fast” weight class. is just plain fun. Your rush dodge thing is so quick and feels so good (except then you rush into a guy with a sword on accident).
  • Durability balance since the patches has made throwing myself at bosses much less awful. I am saying this as someone who likes difficult games but is not good at them.
  • I feel that the recipe drops are not too bad. Even day one I thought to myself “these are dropping just enough to make it feel rewarding for treasure hunting.”
  • I enjoy resource gathering quite a bit.
  • I like that healing items and potions are always top/bottom buttons respectively. I appreciate it because my memory is not always the best and that association helps make the game easier in a quality of life kind of way.

That is all for now. I am excited to find my first scythe . I worry they will be strength weapons but that’s ok I’ll roll a new character if that’s what I have to do to use one. keep up the good work and can’t wait for the next patch!

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