Stamina Drain After Hit and Stamina Regen

Hey I have been playing and loving you’re game. One thing that I find not enjoyable about that combat is when you get hit by an enemy it drains your whole stamina bar and puts you in the negative and it takes around 8-10 seconds to regen your stamina. During that time, you are completely defenseless. You can’t roll, attack, run or do anything. I find most times if I take 1 hit I’m usually dead because then I can no longer do anything. It just feels bad.

There are several things that drains your stamina: attacks, dodge, parry and negative item affix from purple items (stamina drain when getting hit, or reduce total stamina by X%).

You can check if you have purple items equiped that got the stamina debuff. If you don’t have stamina debuff items, then sounds like you got knocked down and your “poise” got drained instead of stamina.

Wearing heavier armor will increase your poise, but if your equip load stat isn’t high enough, you will become heavyweight class that will slow your overall movement speed and you’re less responsive to rolling.

Some tips to improve this issue:

  1. You can put more points into stamina stat when leveled up, so you get more stamina for chaining attacks with rollings
  2. Infuse gems into your weapon so you can gain stamina when landing attacks.
  3. Enchant your gear to get increased stamina regen
  4. Avoid purple gears that give negative effects on stamina
  5. Learn enemy’s moves and avoid getting hit (this sounds obvious but it’s a great skill to have to help you in the long run)

Hope these helps!