At the moment, "Stamina Loss on Damage Taken" is a useless death sentence

You would think this modifier would take some of your stamina when you’re hit but in my experience not only does it take ALL of your stamina but you’ll be stuck without your stamina generating for a long time, get hit and it will take even longer to come back which in turn repeats until you die. I can’t imagine this is how it’s supposed to function?


I haven’t tested it extensively (because it’s completely unviable) but it seems like any status effects like fire, plague etc. will continually make you lose stamina while this modifier is on your gear (even if no damage is being taken).

I cannot believe this is how it is intended to work, devs please fix it. Damage over time effects shouldn’t apply the stamina loss, that’s bananas, and ESPECIALLY not if the status hasn’t even built up to full.

Even on routine hits the stamina drain seems way too punitive given you already lose stamina on getting hit and likely used stamina already to either dodge, attack, barge, block etc. And this is on a character with decent stamina investment due to using two handed weapons & heavy build.

As it stands this modifier is an instant brick of the item, which shouldn’t be in the game. EIther remove it altogether or fix the damage over time bug & tune down the stamina loss a significant amount.

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Thank you for your insight about this. Yeah it’s obvious this can’t be intended, any equipment with it is useless. Devs plx