Sometimes some sounds are muted

Sometimes when I start the game and get into the realm certain sounds are muted and are kind of random, like opening chests, sometimes my attacks make no sounds nor enemy attacks, sometimes the sound of running or sound of looting, areas, etc… the muted sounds are random.


Same thing with me, it just started today, it’s never happened before.

we have our Audio QA looking into the problem. :+1:

If you notice any consistent repro for the issue please drop it here.

I have the same problem. After a while of gaming some of the sound FX will stop playing

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I also have this issue. I notice it happening with these sounds:

  • Hitting/destroying objects
  • Hitting enemies
  • Some of the sfx for swinging a weapon
  • Enemy grunts
  • Opening chests
  • Mining ores, digging and chopping trees
  • Some of the NPC speech
  • and probably many others I didn’t notice

However, environment ambience, player footsteps, and UI sounds don’t have this problem. It might have something to do with the sources of the sound, because I recall one time talking to an NPC, and they were silent, but I could barely hear their speech somewhere further away.

Exiting to the menu and loading back in doesn’t seem to guarantee fixing it, but restarting the game entirey does seem to work. I don’t know of a way to reproduce it, but I’m told it might have something to do with my having two audio outputs connected at the same time (even though I’m only using one.

I found similar bug after entering 2nd phase or the on foot phase of echo knight. (beating him or not)
some sound will be missing or delayed
-chest opening sound
-crucible door opening sound
-traders’ reactive dialog when interact with them

Other sound become extra loud, especially after enter a realm
-random noise

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Adding to this audio issue, during cutscenes, there are lines you can barely hear, while others sound as they ought to. Here’s a couple of examples from the scene where Madricil comes to Sacrament,

Same Speaker:

(Normal Volume) We could have left her body by the side of the road, with the other animals.
(Quiet) Consider this a peace offering.

Different Speakers:

(Normal Volume) You’ll arrange an escort for my guard to Caylen.
(Quiet) Caylen? It will be done.

I’ve been through the intro bits twice, and the issue happens in the same place each time. It sounds like some lines are arranged close to the listener, and some are about 100 feet away. It doesn’t happen during sentences, but occasionally does during the same speaker’s lines, so it’s certainly something to do with the way the various clips are handled.

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I had that last night.

This thing is happening to me every day atlease once or twice. Its like half of my sounds get muted. So for example crucible knights dont make a sound before they charge - thats very deadly.

Same here. I don´t know the reason but this not happened in earlier versions…

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This is being actively tracked and seems to happen to extended sessions. I believe I know the cause but it needs additional analysis before the solution can be implemented to ensure it’s applied with a light touch.

This is still happening and it is very annoying. Happens to me usually when I logout to main menu and use an alt, once I go back to main the sounds are sort of muted or feeling like I’m in a sewer or something. Please fix.

Are you guys aware of my issue as well, noted 4 posts up?

same thing happens to me, various npcs become muted, enemies attacks are muted, opening chests are muted, the only thing that isn’t muted is the character’s footsteps, also sometimes, after a while, i don’t know what triggers it, a weird sound repeats itself and the only way to fix it is to close the game and open again, i can’t identify it very well but it looks like a misture of sounds from enemy attacks, i noticed that most of the times it happens after i fast travel from crucible to sacrament whisper.

This happens at random for me. Usually i will have to restart from main menu.

Yes, I also have the same issue. For example, the sound of cutting a tree, attacking an enemy, NPC’s voice. Before applying patch 1, I didn’t have this issue.

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Yes, and I believe it’s due to a Windows device misconfiguration. I’ve been able to replicate the issue by setting my audio interface to 5.1 surround (in Windows config) with only a stereo output device plugged in (e.g. headphones).

Basically, the game will render audio to every speaker that Windows claims exists. If Windows says we’re running on a 5.1 or above device, the game will use the center channel for much of the cinematic dialogue. Thus, if headphones are being used while Windows is set to 5.1, you’ll hear the reverb of the dialogue but no dry signal, which makes it sound faraway. This is because the game is rendering to a channel that Windows claims is active, but nothing’s plugged in. The fix is to going into the Windows audio config and set it to Stereo so that the game will properly downmix to a stereo speaker matrix.

This is only necessary if someone is listening on headphones but accidentally has the audio device in Windows set to anything other than stereo.


Give that a try and let me know if it fixes the issue for you.

Mine only has the option of Stereo. So no this doesn’t fix anything

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That only accounts for your setup which isn’t the norm.
It happens to many of us Stereo users, headphones or otherwise…
I can’t remember if it happened prior to Patch One at all though.

Thanks for trying. I’ll continue to investigate.