Audio Bug when entering the Orban Glades

When the player is leaving Sacrement, and heading into the Orban Glades, the audio cuts out for a few seconds at this exact location.

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Entering Nameless Pass as well before the Bridge. After Bridge there is a distinct lock-up of the character.

Yeah, audio seems fine when you boot up the game and play it for a few minutes. But the audio starts to glitch or desync after running the game for an hour or beyond.

Didn’t have this issue before but now I’m getting it quite often, especially when fighting in the crucible - spell/ability audio is intact but music/ambience sounds seem to go on and off sometimes. I also get this ‘waterfall’ sound following me when I enter Eleanor’s shop or my house when I change into a different realm. Only way to solve it is to reboot the game which can be annoying at times.

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I get that waterfall sound when exiting the Crucible after grabbing loot from the Reward Chests and going up those stairs. It starts the sound just after the stairs. Eleanor also has a corner of her store that has a sound the goes off like something is being opened or closed. Like a hidden passage or something.