Somes feedback and suggestions after 20h

Overall, it’s a solid game that provided me something that i was looking for since Diablo 2, it chalenging, fun and immersive.

As suggestions:

  • Leaving “buy”, “sell” or any other option should not knock you out of the artisan menu. The navigation is not smooth and force you to engage several time with the npc instead of letting you in the menu when you have finished your action.

-It seems strange that some npcs refers to real times lenght rather than ingame time, it would make more sense to have the daily quests tied to ingame time and have construction time and others things related to time do the same. It will make those things more immersive, you already did that with events like the opening of the sewer where you are asked to meet the guy at night.

  • Up a little the drop rate of deers hantler, no drop in 8h hours of play and only one in 20+h, i want to craft my spear but i can’t. Arroud 15 deers and only pelt and meat.

-When navigating in the menues, you should allow the selection to go from top to bottom if i imput “up” on the top row entry of the menu. Same thing for down to up.

That is it for now. Have a nice day