Some small bugs I found during my 40 hours

First of all, this game is just incredible, thanks a lot.
And here you have some small bugs I found during my adventura.
I found a lot more, but they are already fixed by your team, thanks <3

Hope text is visible, as I’m a new user I’m only allowed to post one image.

Could barely see the text. >_<

But to add onto this, there’s numerous times I’ve seen a chest within a chest too. Feels kind of cool like that so not sure if they should remove a chest within a chest. lol

I also found those matrioshka treasures haha, but I think those are already fixed during the last patch, like they fix clay spawn <3
And if you right click on the image, see in another tab, I think the text is “almost fine” :confused:

Found few other minor bugs:

Few more minor bugs found today 2024/04/28



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I was wondering about this, it would be funny if they add those matrioshka treasures as a rare event, but with a proper animation, making the chest jump out of the other chest. It would be cool to see it.

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