Some first impressions

Let me start saying that this game is fantastic to play and to watch.
Good job guys, you are a fantastic team, and your games are some of the best i ever played.

I really loved Ori series and this game is a very good point yet.
But at the moment it triggers me in so many ways, and i am not talking about difficulty, it’s good as it is. But there is lack of QoL and some design that really cant fit, for example: why should i expand inventory with the same (rare) resource that make me expand rings or active weapons slots? This has no-sense.

And if i have full inventory i need to go to the top of the city to store items in a VERY SMALL chest…? Or am I missing something? I need to think what to sell, what to infuse, what to break, what to cook etc… with a lot of items scattered around various lists and without sorting work on the “big” chest?

This make the player lose a lot of time at first, and make him lose the wish to play the other times…

I like the fact that this game mixes survival and randomness mechanics with a soulslike combat, but the resource managing sometime is very annoying. If i’m doing a boss and I have no more healings, i need to teleport to the town go around to gather some herbs, and then i need to sucide to not make my ONLY active teleport change, this has no sense.

Please, make that inventory unlimited at least for resources and expand the weapon one… make the SORTING WORK, and maybe do more categories, separate weapons and armors, resources and healings, it’s really confusonary.

Then expand fast travel on the “non-blacked” areas, and reduce falling damage and make the jump more intuitive, a lot of times i jumped down the hill just running around, maybe a little horizontal movement of the camera could be great to understand how the area is made. Or a user-controlled zoom-in/zoom-out too, also to see better platforms and also to see better your fantastic artworks in the city.

And why should i wait 1 hour to build something?
I need 1 hour to gather wood and stones and then another hour to see what i decided to craft. At least the first level of the crafting items, just to try them, could be faster to craft?


100% agree. Everything to do with chests and item storage makes little sense and i think can be vastly improved. Whe. Buying chests, a medium chest costs over twice as much as a small chest while only giving 50% more space. The large chest gives twice the space of a small, but costs over 4 times as much. I really think that upgrqding the shops in town should allow more resources to be processed at a time with each upgrade while also further reducing the timers. A lot of time is spent in this game farming and experimenting with RNG outcomes. The artificially added timers feel like too much. I actully enjoyed grinding through areas multiple times while I was still leveling up because each area is really fun to explore and the combat feels so good, but there was too much time I had to spend going back and forth between Sacrament to manage the vast amount of items I picked up and it takes you out of the more enjoyable flow of the game. I hope the developers improve these systems in future updates. Overall, this game is a blast to play. I’m 90 hours in and still trying to reach the hollow knight. :smiley:

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