Screen stuttering

On version 12684 I started experiencing screen stuttering. It happens randomly when I move around. It is as if screen was displaced by a small vector for a fraction of second, it looks like entire screen image wants to jump out of the screen for a moment.

Video: Windows 11 recording does not work and video from my phone does not really make the bug apparent.

Reproducible: yes - run around

It started happening today (23-4-2024), I wasn’t experiencing it yesterday.

Here are files: DataStore, Player(-prev).log, DxDiag.txt

My GPU drivers are up to date.

Had this happening with fps drop, went into resolution settings and switched from 3440x1440 to 2560x1440 and back, and it fixed the stutter and fps drop.

Thanks, this workaround worked for me.

It seems that game switched from 1080p to 1440p on its own today. Switching it to 1080p and then 720p fixed it for me. Seems like you have to switch resolution twice. Just setting it back to 1080p on its own did not help.

Interesting, yeah this has worked several times for me, seems to be an issue with the resolution scale rendering, and resetting the resolution clears it.

This trick has worked for me once but i has since reverted and not worked again on repeat tries i really wonder whats up with that. I found that switching vack and forth between FS and borderless sometimes made stuff better as well as just running it on Best Quality, as that maxxed out my gpu usage and just made the game run smoother overall, albeit at a lower framerate.