Resource gatherers for hire?

Is there going to be any kind of system where you can hire ‘gatherers’ while you’re gone from the game, so when you come back you gain some resources? :slight_smile: Simply put. if you hire a lumberjack in town, and when you log in the next day, you have some wood waiting for you.

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From what i understand in offline mode when you go off then then game is also off but when you go multi and create own realm then your friends can gather with possibility to drop the finding in your chest, if game will have trading then this will also be posible.

When multiplayer drops, if you pay me (in game) for my work I’ll hop on and farm whatever you want. :joy:

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Hell no, pay me IRL and I’ll stock you with silver for days.

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And then there comes the Asian who replaces you.
And then there come the bots replacing the Asian. :wink:

Free trade is a horrible concept and already destroyed so many games.
!!Please, not!!

(NPCs are fine though)


Yeah, tbh when I played Diablo and had high leveled people run into my game and kill everything and basically gave me high armor drops it just felt broken to me and ruined the game for me to want to keep playing.

So when it comes to multiplayer , I’m hoping they’re careful on these concerns cuz I wouldn’t want a high leveled person running in and killing everything on ez mode and getting insane armor/weapon drops when I literally just stood there.

Not sure if you’re joking? If not, that is Mr Fantastic levels of reach. There’s many negating factors that can stop bots, which ultimately down to the developers, not the people offering help. If “Asians” want to help people farm for the trade of silver/gold then why is that a problem?

I think that paying IRL money is a bit dodgy. But if people who don’t like gathering, or may not have the time to, want to hire others who enjoy gathering for in game money, I don’t see this as a problem.

I don’t think it’ll be the same in Wicked tbh. While yes late game builds can one shot enemies, it’s not quite like Diablo levels. Most, if not all combinations of builds can reliably deal with overworld enemies, even if they’re largely mediocre. That combined with the fact that enemies often respawn & the world (as in level design) isn’t generated.

I haven’t touched on having late game players run crucible because the original thread was on gathering (IE; wood, ore, fish, clay, etc), which isn’t really what crucible is for.

Oooh yeah, right. I was caught up in Anon87’s idea bout destroying games and trading: but yeah for basic resources I agree.

Like only digging mounds, fishing holes, trees, and ore deposits items.

Having a Help Wanted sign on a board for people wanting 10 silver, and you pay them 4 silver coins that they deducted from your character’s account (and refunded if not fulfilled by X time). And when the task is done and submitted then they’re given the money.

But what if a person is being an ass and takes the mission and never finishes it. D:

The drama. Upvote. xD

The problem is not obvious tbh.

It has to do with marked dynamics. boredom alert
Think about it like this. You have a marked where thing X can be farmed. This costs time. Now you use this to gather a ingame currency Y that is used for various things, however not ingame, but from other players e.g. rare items. Now the market will start to do its thing and people will offer and demand. This will lead to the lowest price to evolve. Unfortunately we live in a globalized world and there are either cheap labourers or programs (Z) that will flood the market with cheap product X. For you this will mean that you are not able to compete anymore as a regular human player. Then there will be players who will say **** it, i’ll pay real money to Z and have my stuff. If there is free trade, this can and will happen completely out of the control of the developers. There will be “blackmarket” pages with trading. And as a result you will have a way for pay to win, the developers will not pofit from the trades, but possibly get problems with gambling laws in certain countries. The ingame currency Y is coupled to a real currency and hyperinflated. The only profiteur is the owner of Z, who might even be some drug cartel.

Examples where this happened (at least to some extend) are Diablo II, Path of Exile, Guild Wars, and i bet a multitude of MMORPGs that i do not know.