Replacing gems/runes that are socketed on equipment

Maybe i haven’t discovered how to but as far as i cant tell, once you put a rune or gem into a weapon slot, you cant overwrite it with a different one.

I would really like to be able to slowly fine-tune my weapon with different gems and runes. I am fine with enchantments being a permanent undo-able effect, but it feels a bit off for me when the same rules apply to runes and gems.


I agree we should be able to overwrite runes and gems .

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Yep, with only the gem being lost instead of destroying the gear item. Feels like a proper in between solution :slight_smile:

Yeah. I made the error of putting a diamond on my weapon without knowing exactly how HORRIBLY PUNITIVE it is when you die, because well there’s no actual number to reference. Now my best weapon is useless. If I kill 10 enemies and die, it brings me back to square one basically. Nice.

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said the same but you have more votes than me so I’m piggie backing on your post, but yes. Please…

I’ll add it would be nice to be able to move runes from one slot to another as well.