Weapon Infuse and Rune system broken

I would like to suggest having gems and runes removable from the weapon, it’s alright for the rune/gems to break just like in Diablo but not being able to swap them to new ones is a bad game design and ultimately will hurt the value of the game. We don’t want to destroy our hard earned weapon that we upgraded so much just cause we want to try some new Skills and gems in it. Please fix this… i’m sure most people will agree this is a poorly designed mechanic.


both aint good imo, if you give the option to put and take away runes without penalty it would increase game character customization for combat a lot more

penalty is - destruction runes or gems.

It’s fair. I put a stone on electricity, it gave me only 5%, but can 20%. All? A weapon to be thrown away? And I invested heavily in it

It would be geeat if we e can destroy a rune or gem in an item and replace it with a new one.