Reduce friction for back-to-back Crucible runs

The player receives a lot of valuable loot when doing Crucible runs, which means after each run the player is encouraged to travel to the marketplace to sell their loot, travel to their house to store what wasn’t sold, and then return to the Crucible.

This becomes tedious when trying to grind the Crucible because of how much time the player will spend running around town instead of actually doing the Crucible. It also makes it harder to “get into the zone” when every ~15 minutes of engaging combat is punctuated by inventory management and the aforementioned town traversal. The player could simply ignore any loot they come across, but that doesn’t seem like a good solution.

What would make grinding the Crucible less tedious is if in the area there was 1) a vendor and 2) a way to interact with player storage. Maybe (a surprisingly wealthy) Elsa is eager to buy items off of the Cerim for her research. As for player storage, maybe there’s a magical chest like the Community Chest, or maybe there’s a mailbox of sorts that sends items to a container somewhere else. The end result would be greatly reducing the amount of downtime and busywork between each Crucible run.


yep I don’t quite agree with the solutions but there does need to be one because unless you die at room 1-3 you basically have to head back home every single run. And I think the golden ratio is 1 run-back-home for every 3-5 crucible runs

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Yeah. I also would love to see better loot after the Echo Knight fight. After a ton of runs he only drops a handful of unique weapons over and over again. For that boss fight the rewards should be something amazing.