Quest: Of Rats and Raiders

So the enemy for the Water Channel Key is not spawning for me.

At first i thought i am too dumb for the game, checked a few streamers and noticed that they have an enemy where i have nothing, tried closing and opening game but i dont know how to progress the quest.


I do have the same issue i guess ?
The door is close and no one to fight.

I take a bounty in this area, that’s maybe why i cant do the quest ?

i had a bounty too, so i went and finised it but there still no one to fight for the key

same thing happened to me, and my backups from when i entered are hours in the past :frowning: I hope they fix this soon so i dont have to start a new realm

For those of you that have this issue, it only took me 2 hours to start a new realm, complete all content upto where I was, and get all of my buildings upgraded back to tier 2 so its really not that bad.

But I don’t want to reroll a charac, I fully advance it and don’t want to waste my time to reroll again. If you don’t have a real idea, don’t troll again please.

For those who still want a solution, you can glitch through the door, rolling a attacking and you can go through it

Got the bug too. And glitching / rolling through the door isn’t working for me. :confused:

Same problem here, no spawn boss…no key… sad.

So i didnt check yet but they dropped a patch today where they moved the key over to a chest. Hopefully it works!

" Moved Water Channel key to a chest in the Black Trench while we investigate Plague Leader not spawning for certain players"

same issue. can anyone tell me where that chest is supposed to be for the new key location?