NPC that drops quest item did not spawn

I need the water channel key, the mob that is supposed to drop it did not spawn for me. I verified this by watching a youtube video after running around for an hour+ looking for the key.


Same thing with me, the boss did not spawn

Im going to try staying logged in and let the fog of war cover the map again and see if the boss will respawn. Can’t think of any other option to finish story other than restarting and who’s to say it wont happen again. :frowning:

Update: i came back to the spot after the FOW respawned and mobs came back, still nothing.

I got the same Problem. The Boss just didnt spawn. Lets wait for answers.

Update: i made another realm, ran through the quest and the mini boss mob was there. Lost progress on town but can get through story now :expressionless:

this has been hotfixed!

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