Sewers - Water channel key (potential bug)

Not sure if this really is a bug or not. But I cannot locate the water channel key anywhere in the sewers, not sure if it despawned or what.


i think there is supposed to be a boss but there isnt

A boss that hasn’t been completed yet? Or am I bugged out?

i dont know i am bugged too sadly but i searched a video in yourube and found out that there is supposed to be a big dude there. where the door is, on the left there is a staircase leading you to a platform

This is the video. It has not worked for me. Is there a way for Staff to give us the key via email or anything?

Same here. No boss = no key. Help!

I had to restart. So good luck.


Nicholas J.M. Clark

I had to start from a backup before entering the dungeon. Got the boss, got the key