[QUALITY OF LIFE] Re-Roll Shop / Inventory Management

¡¡Explanations at the end!!


[Auto-stack] Include auto-stack option on the inventory menu, sometine I lose inventory space because I have 10 items in one slot and 5 of the same item in another slot and cant auto-stack.

[Storage chest] When crafting, upgrading, enchanting etc. include an extra tab where I can access the inventory of my personal storage chests and on a separate tab be able to access the community chest.

Shop improvements:

[Re-roll: daily merchant] Have the possibility of re-rolling unlimited times at the cost of silver: (each re-roll) 1 silver x merchant lvl

[Re-roll: weekly merchant] Include re-roll unlimited times at extra cost of silver:
Example: 10 silver each re-roll


[Auto-stack] If you are going to limit my inventory space you need to be as optimised as possible, I don’t want to destroy items just because I can’t auto-stack its frustrating

[Storage chest] Just quality of life really, no need to be running around for this purpose, it doesnt make me look at the scenery, in fact in the long it will make me annoyed at the scenery because it reminds me of all the negative experiences I had with it while doing un-wanted walking


You want to make loot randomized? Thats good

You want to make me wait real life time for respawns? Im kl with that

BUT, why make me wait for hours, or a full week for finley, just for 1 re-roll? So you are going to make players wait a full week of their lifes just because they are unlucky, it doesn’t make sense in my opinion, solution? Infinite re-roll at a silver cost, you make me want to go out for silver just for re-rolling for the daily, or farm all week to get the equipment/better stats on saturday, its a way of rewarding hard work and making people go and explore. Afraid of miss-use? You can always limit the usage by increasing the price of each re-roll.

Even if I am unlucky let me get the same result as others through my hard work by farming silver.

Given that you make us wait real life time for respawn, getting materials for crafting, upgrading etc its become very tedius, if your aim is to get as many people as you can to enjoy the game, I think this is a good solution, because all the problems, inventory, farming resources, shop-re-rolls etc. for people that are commited to the game will just create 10 realms and be done with it, but why do I need to create 10 realms to get 10 finley re-rolls? Or find 10 clay? Or farm 20 wood? I am exagerating but you get the point, the people that are commited will just create more realms to min max, not even to replay the game and enjoy it, just min max, and the people that are not commited will get tired and give up and not even look at that part of the game


I’m agree with the re roll, could be more expensive to make it more challenging, i guess 1 silver is cheap, 30h playing and all the time have less than 10 silvers