Shop and Inventory QOL Improvements

Shop and inventory menus and system could use several quality of life improvements.

  1. Shop Menu Pages - Highlighting of the shop menu tab (buy, sell, upgrade, repair) you are interacting with is far too slight with the page selected in a very faint straw color and the unselected tabs in a nearly indistinguishable white. Possibly change the highlight color to something of higher contrast and also add another visual queue such as bolding, underlining, adding a background box highlight, etc. The buy, sell, and upgrade menus are too similar looking and it can be hard to tell which one you are on.

  2. Buy Back in Shops - Add a buy back option in shops and let the buy back remain active for a generous amount or time, not just within the current merchant interaction. I have accidentally sold off weapons I had put many upgrades into and had been using for hours as I flipped back and forth between the buy menu to buy needed upgrade resources and upgrade menus and accidentally selected the item in the sell menu instead of the upgrade menu as the menus look so similar. I had no way to undo this mistake. I tried reloading a previous version of the realm but this didn’t set my inventory back to the previous state.

  3. Allow Purchase or Upgrade Materials from the Upgrade Menu - If a merchant sells the missing upgrade material you need to complete your upgrade add an option to buy needed materials and complete upgrade from the upgrade menu. Needing to count the number of missing materials, flipping to the buy menu, buying them, and then flipping back to upgrade is a not fun use of time. It also makes the problem outlined in point 2 more likely to occur.

  4. Add an Option to reread Merchant Tutorial Dialogues - A Dialogue pops up when you fist interact with a merchant explaining how their services work. For example when you talk to Eleanor the first time a popup explains enchantment and socketing and runes, maybe? I did not fully commit this to memory. Whenever I enchant something it always becomes cursed. Is it always supposed to become cursed or have I just been unlucky with my enchantment rolls? Was this explained in the initial popup? I don’t know, I can’t remember. There are gems and runes that can enhance your items in different ways. How are these different? I’m not really clear on this. It would be nice if there was an option to read this dialogue again at any time when I’m in the merchant menu or to at least keep a copy of every tutorial dialogue in a game menu journal.

  5. Add an option to mark items as junk or favorites - There are lots of items in the game. Most will be junk as meeting stat requirements might take many hours of playing and leveling and may not ever be for the character type you’re building. All storage space is also very limited so these need to be gotten rid of quick. There should be an option to mark an item as just so you can quickly sell it at a merchant after you’ve already determined it wasn’t of use to you in the world when you first picked it up. Also, let us favorite items so they can’t accidentally be sold (see point number 2).

  6. Sacrament Chest Location and Merchant Access - Put the Sacrament storage chest near the merchants. There are so many upgrade materials you will may need to hold onto for hours before you have enough to make the upgrade you are planning. Also this early section of the game gives you a ton of upgrade and crafting materials that you can’t use yet but it is not clear whether holding onto them is useful or not. Example, I needed 2 wolf claws to upgrade a weapon I was using and only got one fairly early after reaching this upgrade level and it was many hours until I was able to find another at which point a ton of them were dropping. I wasted limited storage space on a valuable item that would become trivial once I hit a specific progression milestone thus having wasted limited storage space for no real perceived benefit. You also need to unload so many items from your very limited personal storage that you have to constantly access your chest when in town. Running back and forth between merchants and the chest in your quarters adds a ton of time doing a repetitive but not fun task every time you return to town. Once you reach Sacrament you will probably be doing this back and forth return to town to repair, upgrade, unload, and manage inventory for every 5 to 15 minutes of time outside of town in exploration, combat, and resource gathering. Running back and forth in town to balance items between personal storage, the chest, and merchant sell off and upgrade is not enjoyable. Putting the chest near the vendors would alleviate some of this. Also, allow the vendors and anvil/alchemy table/tanning station/etc. to access your chest so upgrade and crafting materials can be pulled straight from the chest and so you can sell off items from the chest without needing to add them to your personal inventory.