Progression/level curve

After taking three characters through the campaign, I think the leveling curve is a bit too slow (or crucible items are too high in requirements). I always end up entering the crucible between level 15 - 17, and start getting showered with level 21 items that I can’t use and are difficult to store.


I agree. I would love them to fix this by introducing some new mechanics here. everyone is beating the campaign at lvl 15 approx. I would love that first they fix the stat lvls and lvl requirement to use weapons at that stage of the game. Then the crucible should scale two lvls above any character lvl. if you beat the campaign and are below or equal lvl 15 then the crucible enemies and boss should be based at 17. if you are lvl 25 for example then crucible enemies and boss should be lvl 27, if you are lvl 30 then either enemies are lvl 30 or 32. but at at least that would be fair for everyone. Also for the crucible boss, once the player reached that boss then the player should be allowed to fight him at least 3 times. This will be a quality of life improvement for low lvl but really skilled players and for the ones lvl 30 like me dont just go and play something else because there is nothing else to do in the game.


I feel like the thing here is that we’ve only beaten what is currently available of the campaign. We’re essentially testing it for full release in which there will be a lot more story. So if someone bought the game at 1.0, did the crucible at level 15 just to try it out, got a lev2l 21 weapon, they’d probably decide it’s a higher level activity, and continue the story until they’ve levelled enough to come back to it. At the moment we can’t do that and the crucible is the only content we have to tide us over until more areas/story chapters are released, so it seems like a bigger problem than it would be in the full game


Agreed. Just here it would have been better if they have removed the crucible for the early access, then focused mainly on the three main bosses storyline. Games are not perfect I know but early this year we had two amazing games really changing gaming, palword and enshrouded. No rest for the wicked definitely took a lot influence from enshrouded imo. Enshrouded however feels more unique and no rest for the wicked, devs wanted to change diablo-like rpgs but the game wont do that as literally feel nothing like diablo-like. Game is a souls-like and thats it. Enshrouded did it better by introducing the campaing then in the new roadmap event they introduce dungeons. I think the crucible would have fit better for the second event in the roadmap together with multiplayer. Then people would have a blast going lower lvl but with your buddies or randoms just playing for fun.