Please Allow Us to Take Multiple Bounties

I found that challenges and bounties are a great way to make coin in this game and I love it! However, I don’t like that I can only take one bounty at a time. I can take all of the challenges and bang those out pretty quickly. Bounties take longer and having to go back and forth to get the next one is a pain.

Is there a reason you can only take a single bounty but all of the challenges? Not sure why that limit is there.


i believe it’s done to prevent unussual enemy generation.

sometimes i see like 3 bounties leading to the same place i could probably mess up the alive system if i took all 3.

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I had that happen today with 3 bounties in the sewers.

If unusual enemy generation is what they’re trying to avoid, I feel like they could prevent bounties from being in the same place.

I was bummed when I saw my 3 bounties were in the same location since that meant I wouldn’t be exploring much

So it seems that some of the bounties are locked to a unique, repeatable location. However, the bounties such as kill all the plague rats are in a zone. So segregate the ones that are unique enemies and allow for multiples of the zone or create unique mob in there own unique location instead of repeating locations. Repeating locations seems like lazy design to be honest.