Please add more weapons in opening area

I’ve only found a claymore so far in the first area. This is after going through quite a large selection of chests. I get that it’s generated, but I do miss not knowing what weapons are where to be able to build my character.


Agree. I found 2 claymores and 3 daggers, I was doing strength so I was stuck with the claymore. It’s slow and punishing, I wanted to use a shield but I literally couldn’t for the entire first castle area.

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for me the weirdest thing about the opening area is that you’re gathering all of these crafting items that you can’t use. you even meet a blacksmith and the only blacksmithy thing he does is repair your equipment. it would be cool to be able to build the basic versions of each weapon and maybe upgrade them once.


They should just let us choose our starting weapon. That would solve this issue, which I agree is definitely an issue.