Early Game Combat

Love the game so far, first of all.

Two notes on combat in the first (post-prologue) area.

  1. I did not find a shield anywhere and was unable to block. Perhaps we could get a weapon block that maybe isn’t as effective as a shield but still better than nothing. I’m not sure if some weapons can block, but the ones I found did not.
  2. On that same general note, I wouldn’t mind being able to choose within the first area my fighting style. I got a one handed sword fairly early but the only other weapon I found was a dagger that I couldn’t wield at Lv. 1. No bows, great weapons, etc. in 2 hrs of playing. Like maybe just the most generic, vanilla versions of each broad weapon type straight away would be nice.

i agree,giving the player a bit more say in what they get in the first area would be helpful especially when u wanna go for a specific build and not just whatever the game throws at you.


Fillmore sells one early on if you didn’t get a drop!

Again, Fillmore is your man. He sells a variety of weapons even before you reach Sacrament :slight_smile:


maybe have 1 of each weapon type at fillmore would be nice

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Yeah, there should be a good variety on him for str, dex, fai, etc :slight_smile:

I eventually got to him and saw, though he didn’t have every weapon type. But also the bow and axe cost 1 silver coin (in addition to the coppers). Didn’t get one of those for at least another 30-45 min.

Edit: well I figured out that 100 coppers nets you a silver. Wasn’t obvious from the beginning. I suppose you can sell a bunch of junk early on to get the bow - would still like to see all the weapon types in the first shop though.