Please Add a Bestiary/3D Model Viewer

Please, please add a bestiary and an NPC library (like the one in Dragon’s Dogma 2). What I mean by bestiary is a way that we can see the 3D model of monsters and enemies we encounter, learn about their lore the more of their kind we defeat, etc. That would be an amazing addition to game, not only from a lore perspective so that we can delve deeper into it, but also because I really want to see the creatures you guys have created from up close, see their details, etc, and from the isometric camera angle that isn’t possible


Nice idea.

Not just enemies but all NPCs in general and also important items.

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Yes! Totally agree. The more they could add to a Bestiary/NPC compedium in game the merrier! It allows to keep track of favorite NPCs, their stories, as well as know more about how the monster we meet came to be, what they were before, how did their transformation happened, what remains of their previous self in their new monstrous form