Museum Vendor to better appreciate Enemy Models

I know the game isn’t even out yet, but I still would like this to be seen haha. I LOVE the models in this game. The unique style is amazing. However, I feel that the Isometric view makes it difficult to truly appreciate the work and detail that went into these models.

So I propose the Museum Vendor. My thoughts are after you kill a specific enemy type or boss a certain amount of times, then they become viewable in the museum. Interacting with the model in the museum will allow you to view a full screen moveable model to really appreciate the art. Maybe you could also have the option to buy the models to be placed into your home. I think it would be really popular with a lot of the fan base. I know one of the biggest pulls for this game is it’s art style. Anyway, thanks for reading!


What an absolutely fantastic idea :ok_hand:


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