Performance issues, almost unplayable

So i have huge performance issues i know that this is already said here many times but i think the more details the better. I get like 30 fps normally in starting zone and the first castle (was able to get steady 60 fps in the cave but that is understandable - smaller scale enviorment). But when i reached Sacrament it went downhill form there cutscenes have like 10 fps for me and during running throught the city i get like maybe 20 fps. Its borderline unplayable when there is more than 1 enemy my frames drop super low to a point I cant play the game.

My specs are not great but above the required ones showed and I still cant get 30 steady fps while in D4 runnig on high settings I got 60 fps all the time like come on. Thats really disapointing.

Terrible performance kinda killed my enjoyment like my cut scenes are slide shows and the first boss fight was <15 fps fight where i wasnt fighting the boss but the performance.

my specs :
Ryzen 5 3600
RTX 3060
16 GB ram

And ofcourse Im playing on lowest graphic settings.

Hope some performance upgrades are coming soon. Not sure if i can continue like this sadly.