Bad performance on PC (specs in post)

I’m making this post in hopes that this information will help the devs improve the game’s performance.

The game ran fine initially, but now I can’t get more than 20-25 FPS on a 1080p monitor no matter what graphics settings I use. I’m currently at the first boss (Warrick), I think my FPS began dropping around the time when it started raining.

PC specs:
Intel Core i5-10400F
RTX 4060 Ti

The game is installed on an SSD and I also have the newest NVIDIA drivers.


my fps also happened to fall at around 30-45 just before i encountered warrick,i also have an rtx 4060ti but my cpu is a ryzen 2700x.

So I’ve got an update on this, the rain is not the only thing causing the FPS drops.

Sacrament in general is really laggy, but I guess that’s to be expected with how big it is. It’s not the only problematic area, but it’s definitely the worst offender so far.

Currently it seems like that The Shores is the only area where I can consistently get good FPS.

I have exactly the same problem, in the lowest settings, I don’t have more than 35 frames and this is very bad

CPU: i5 13400
VGA: RTX 4060 ti TUF
Main: Z790 TUF
SSD: samsung 990 pro

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