Performance in latest hotfix

Hello Devs, once again you’ve worked miracles.
My specs:
GTX 1080
I7 8700

Performance has jumped in the opening cutscene from a low 30s to an almost stable 60.

In addition, the performance up until the ship is ambushed is a lot more stable using balanced with DSR. Almost a perfect 60, except for a slight dip when the water shakes from the ship ceiling.

However, the frame rate starts to degrade post ambush, a noticeable point is where I encounter Wort again (My poor boy), here it seems that the framereate might be dropping. It gets worse once I’m top-side, once that cutscene starts, I’m getting 30’s to 40’s.

Thanks for all the hard work.

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Despite the latest update, the game is almost unplayable, rtx 3070 ryzen 5 3600 in full hd barely 40 fps

I noticed mine actually got worse during the cutscene with Madrigal right before the Rivertwins. One of the only time I’ve had noticeable stutter.


Same here.

Last update was worst for me. Unplayeable

rx 6750xt / r5 5600x