PC optimization is poor on my pc build

I have a rtx 3050, 16 gb ram, installed game on ssd, amd ryzen 7 3800x. I have no issue running more demanding games at 60 fps, but with this game i’ve tried a lot of different options in the graphic menu and the result is still the same. I run it at an average of 30 fps, sometimes even hitting 45 or 60 but it is not stable and the game stutters a lot, also in cutscenes where the frame rate, sometimes, drops below 20 and the textures take some time to render properly.

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has it improved since then? i have a very similar set up (i3 10100). similar results. Have you done anything to improve it ?


Right now the game is running without any problem. The fps are stable, I have a few stutter when changing areas but that’s fine, it’s for two or three second. I run always the game in performance mode but even in the other modes I have no problems after the fix they have done to the game. My settins are: 60 limit framerate, vsync off, 1920x1080, rendering scale 150%, dyanmic resolution scaling on: fps 60; X: 70%, Y: 80%. See if these settings may help you

Thank you, will try those out!
You see better performance with Vsync off?

yes, usually without vsync games performances are better and I always switch it off

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