Parry window + starting stamina

The parry window feels very punishing ive played almost all souls game and it feels like its definitely one of the hardest parry windows to get right. I believe it should be a little more forgiving.

Also the starting stamina doesnt feel enough. 3 hits on most weapons and you are out. In most cases the enemy retaliates right after giving you no stam to dodge or block the attack. even if you managed to have enough stam a lot of the normal enemies have very long attacks that cover a lot of distance making it even harder to deal with.

It feels pointlesly hard. And this is coming from a player that completed every souls game including sekiro.


You can get around low stamina with being patient, it replenishes quite fast so combat feels more like a duel, going in circles around your opponents and striking once or twice at the right time. Felt good to me. When you level up a bit of stamina, this problem doesn’t occur anymore with dex gear and is much more managable wiith heavy weaponry.

  • When it comes to parry window I may agree that it’s a bit to small, but this may be because I played on the steam deck which has smaller screen and unstable frame rate, so not sure if i struggled because of the small window or due to the frame rate, but even when I got the parry it did not feel very rewarding on regular enemies since you can’t do a crit on them after…maybe reve the backstab and add the chit after parry? The backstab fishing feels boring anyway.

  • For the starting stamina let me talk about Bloodborne first, so in Bloodborne I did some bl4 runs, basically start with the weakest class and don’t level up any stat, ofc start with the saw cleaver :sweat_smile: . The stamina was just enough for R1 L1 L1 dodge, with the cleaver which is a light weapon. And this felt just enough to be just right. Not to many attack to feels strong, not to few to feel weak, but yeah you have to compromise to use a light weapon.
    Coming back to Wicked, with a light weapon can you do 3 attacks + a doghe with the starting stamina? It would be stupid to be able to do more that 2 attacks light + dodge with a 2 handed weapon, and boring to be able to do just 1 light and dodge. It’s obvious that some compromises are required, either light weapon, manny attack with low damage per hit, or heavy weapon less attacks more damage per hit.
    My problem with stamina is the fact that the bar is hard to see and I really feel like the recharge time is bigger that it should be and you have to wait a lot to get it back which is boring.

More details provided here for backstab fishing being boring, parry not being rewarding, and opinion on stamina: Opinions after finishing Chapter 1