Parry and Death penalty syestem

In “No Rest for the Wicked,” the impact of parrying isn’t great, it lacks satisfaction, maybe because of the dmg after parry or maybe because of the parry effect.

Regarding the game difficulty, I prefer only one difficulty as it makes me feel more rewarded when overcoming challenges. During this early access playthough, I died a lot, which is fine because I’m not performing well enough, but the world feels a bit empty after I kill most of the enemies. Moving around without a single enemy appearing feels so boring. I wish the system could be more like Souls-like games, where if you die, all enemies respawn and money will drop for one last chance to retrieve it, instead of weapons and gear breaking. It feels quite frustrating, especially when no weapons can be used due to requirements not being high enough or being forced to use other weapons that I’m not interested.


the difficulty seems fine as it is, since you lose durability upon death and estus flasks do not exist so you have to rely on consumables,