Offhands, classes and runes

Hi all,

I’m loving the game thus far and am excited to see an ARPG push away from the min-max skill spamfest people have come to believe the genre is supposed to be.

I started out playing a sword & board build, but have found myself transitioning away from that as I struggled with parrying. I have now been experimenting with torches and bows. I’ve yet to test out the stamina based changes, but had some thoughts on potential changes to the current off-hands and rune system I feel could enhance gameplay…

  1. Runes for shields - defensive and healing for starters. New rune mechanics like shield bash, modified parries, or shield-only defensive runes could also be introduced.

  2. Nerf torches. They’re cool and all, but maybe a bit too cool. Limit the types of runes on them, maybe to a couple of fire and light-based runes, and get rid of gems completely. Also do away with indestructible torches. To compensate for the lost functionality, and limited durability, you could make some torch specific runes that are exceptional enough to justify using torches.

  3. Link runes to item stat requirements. Rather than runes being tied to base items, tie them to item stat requirements. This doesn’t necessarily change much, but will allow for the introduction of runes that force you to build towards them. This would also add to the appeal of items with high stat requirements, as they would open up special runes.

  4. Delay gear swaps. This might be unpopular, but putting your bow away and then strapping on your shield and unsheathing your sword should take time, involve a high degree of risk, and be something you don’t want to do in the middle of a heated battle. Animate it and make it take a couple of seconds.

Overall, the idea would be to increase the strategic combat elements while aiding the development of distinct specializations.

Keep up the great work!

I know they are planning on adding shield runes, like a “captain America shield throw” for example.

Nice. I like the idea of allowing the development of distinct classes, especially with multiplayer coming. That I might find a crazy rune that my mage buddy can put on his staff really appeals to me. The combat has such a great feel to it and I’m super excited to see how things evolve.

They’re against doing this because it flies in the face of the classless fantasy. I don’t think I’m a fan if it either.

I have to agree with @DankMemeGod.

Even though I think the game is too classless at the moment; I think the game needs stats to have a bigger impact on how the game is played.
I think what needs to happen rather, is that weapons become like runes; where you don’t require stats to use them but rather are enhanced by what stats you pick.
I made a whole post about it if you wanna check it out

100% agree with this it just makes sense selecting your stats almost feels bad like none make a difference unless you pick dex you can get a bow

Ya but Havnt they already gone against this by giving dex bows and duel daggers. you can’t kinda sorta have classes. Mainly give dex extra things and not the other classes. Kinda feels bad picking the stats right now imo