No real Archer and Mage Classes?

I think that there are not real Archer or mage classes. Is It true?

This is the impression I get as well.

I tried playing a pure mage class, but in the beginning there was no way to reliably build Focus for spells apart from getting into melee.

Eventually I stumbled upon an item that regenerated health slowly. Coupled with the Channel Rune, I could draw from health to refill my Focus. But that really slowed the game down a lot.

There needs to be a way to generate focus apart from melee combat and drinking potions.

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Quartz in helmets supposedly gives you focus regen.

The chipped quartz must add such a small amount I can’t tell it’s happening, though.

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I have artefacts with Focus regen in them. They don’t work. The bar doesn’t budge.

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