Nameless tower crane bug

The nameless tower crane handle is oriented incorrectly, and as a result, the crane does not rotate in a direction that allows the game to proceed.
Current game play suspended

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I am also still having this problem…

Same here. Looks like I’ll be farming loot and experience at the beginning!

crane is not working for me aswell

Same here, it’s critical for core progression of the game

Hab das gleiche Problem. Der Kran lässt sich nicht in die Position bringen.

Heres a quick and easy way to get past this section if its still bugged for you so you can at least progress until they find a fix:



Oh wow thanks !
It’ll do the trick until then

Have the same problem, how do I jump? Or do this role ?

Well just follow what he does in the video, eventually you’ll get the right angle to climb the plank.

Hello this should now be fixed as of the latest patch! :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for the hard work !

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